by Mesa

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I stand in isolation staring at legions of throne. they warn of our fall "you will see the ages of man come and go birthed in its own selfishness cursed to dig its own grave cursed to destroy all that it's sown" and then a great pain came about me... lashed with anguish by the gyres of eyes my vision contorts all around me halls of liquid faces bleed the throne drag me below their depths plunged I gaze, I gaze upon the east they cry, golden screams of wonder they see, our cursed voyage they bring, deliverance they bring, deliverance
I dreamed the silence. A flame ignited my mind. a smog of static drifted betwixt closed lips. I witnessed the silence. through eyes of ash. a dancing rain dripped betwixt closed lips. I streaked my blood across the marble The marble wall of godly truth A frigid wind began to blow It sang of the coming fall It sings of our coming fall
A soul's world, where the mountains join the clouds. A single light wanders, in search of a home. A violet darkness shines, embracing this kingdom. A peaceful land is robbed of it's virtue. A lost world, where the gods join the perish. A single story wanders, in search of a tome. A vibrant light shines, embracing this kingdom. A higher knowledge is lost among the newly righteous Creed. In reverence of sweet, blind arrogance An order tends to its throne In ignorance of the fallen worshippers That thirst, thirst for blood.
"guitar and synth noises*
Bloodied and mangled Their poisoned husks lied down consuming fire in consuming fire Their Flesh Consumed Their Flesh Consumed Consumed by man Her Body alight soaked by oil She lied down in consuming fire in consuming fire
Terra lay lifeless as her beauty fades A corpse still ripe for man to rape Limbs torn off for a new domain Veins stripped clean to sustain the plague Who dare ration mercy For the destructive race. Who slaughtered our kin and threaten our rule. As ashes sear, the gateway to heaven scars shut With but flickering, an age and communion is lost In a swift flash the curse is purged A stain of radiance is all that's left In a short moment a kingdom was lost Like the age of wonder and sovereign grace


Tapes available via Realm and Ritual


released July 16, 2021

Mesa is:

Marie McAuliffe: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Midi, Additional Art

Adam Heller: Guitar, Synths, Midi, Piano

Erol Ulug: Mixing, Mastering

Carlos Agraz: Cover Art

Infërnvz: Logo


all rights reserved



Mesa Chicago, Illinois

From the realm of dreams comes the diverse sounds of Mesa.

Hail midi
Hail dreams

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